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1. For Start-up Consulting, Advisory, Coaching

“Meeting Vikas at IIMB marked the beginning of a transformative partnership for our startup. Vikas, our sales strategy consultant, brought a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for startup success. His adept understanding of B2B dynamics became evident as he swiftly immersed himself in our business, providing clarity and purpose to our sales approach.

Vikas’s standout quality lies in his ability to tailor our pitch for different stakeholders within an organization, enabling us to navigate complex decision-making processes with precision. His strategic insights have been instrumental in addressing diverse audience needs, propelling our growth trajectory.

Vikas’s dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment have made him an invaluable asset. We’re grateful for his exceptional guidance and support, anticipating continued success under his mentorship. Working with Vikas has truly been a journey towards achieving significant milestones for our team”

Nihal Pradeep, CEO & Co-Founder, Dartle
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This certificate acknowledges that Mr. Vikas Dhandhania, Founder & CEO Bumblebee Consulting has supported our women entrepreneurs mentorship program with amazing energy.

His practical guidance resonated with the cohort he coached, especially earning admiration for his coaching style. Participants praised his patient listening, ability to create thoughtful clarity and provide practical next-step guidance. Vikas’s ability to adapt across diverse personality types and industries and create meaningful conversations, is also noteworthy.

We certainly benefited significantly and have no hesitation in recommending Vikas to anyone seeking a seasoned coach and mentor.

Renu Shah, Founder, STEP
STEP: Pioneer in building a strong ecosystem for women entrepreneurs

2. For Solopreneur Consulting & Guidance

Honestly, it’s rare to find such a professional [ ] and I have a lot of experience. He is brilliant, on the point and understands a lot about value propositions, communication and most important wins the trust so you can easily talk about every thing, and he is capturing that into pure messages.

Absolutely 100% accurate and well delivered. Vikas is not only a professional consultant who runs various concepts to bring you in a structured way to the aim, he is as well a person you can build trust with.

Dirk Ohlmeier, German Entrepreneur
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Thanks Vikas, Your empathetic approach adds value to the conversation which helps others to express their deeper beliefs around their work. This is very essential in order to frame the appropriate strategy for taking the right actions. Moreover, the candid talk adds a motivational touch for the person to take steps that are in line with their core purpose.

Mitakshara Shirgaonkar, Corporate Trainer & PMP Instructor,
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Vikas is an excellent listener – patient, observant, empathetic. Added to that he doesn’t shy away from giving honest, blunt feedback when necessary (and when asked) and is skillful enough to share [the feedback] the right way so that it is rightly received. His deep experience in sales & leadership coaching is an asset when as a solopreneur one is keen to brainstorm and get an outside-in input on one’s growth strategies. I would strongly recommend him for ideations, sales advisory, and/or for being enthused & energized.

Ashutosh Karandikar, Customer Experience (CX) led Transformation Consulting | Author | Speaker,
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3. For Experiential Learning and Workshop Design

Vikas brought so much enthusiasm and expertise into the training process. His ability to understand the audience … is so exceptional.

I absolutely loved thought-partnering with him to create realistic and fun case studies for our students. His attention to detail, ability to gamify complex topics, great work ethic and passion to coach made him a loved expert for us all at Kraftshala.

Anushka Kapur, Founder’s Office
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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Excellent workshop with customized case studies and worksheets that were in sync with our line of business. This definitely benefited in getting a good grasp of the concepts and clarity in the thought process.


I couldn’t have asked for a better workshop.     

This workshop is a 360 degree learning experience that [has] a very well-thought curriculum with lots of hands on exercises and role play exercises. This will certainly benefit us in strengthening our propositions in proposals.


This virtual workshop was an excellent experience and the sessions were very interactive. The examples, activities and case studies used were relevant and helped the learning process.

Participants of Virtual Bid Management Workshop
Global Audit, Taxation & Advisory Services Company

4. For Sales Transformation Consulting, Coaching

“Vikas has an amazing ability to create clarity. In a short engagement he was able to quickly recreate the content of our engagement that really helped us open doors quicker, as well as create deeper conversations with prospects.”

Subbu Jois, Founder,
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“I’m really grateful for Vikas Ji’s coaching. He understood what I needed to work on and gave me great advice. His insights and encouragement has helped me a lot, both in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend Vikas Ji as a mentor for anyone who wants to do better.”

Director of Sales and Account Growth
Leading Digital UX design Services Company

5. For Sales Leadership Coaching

Vikas has a great coaching style, he combines well his knowledge on sales with his ability to listen, articulate constructive questions and guide to enhance learning.

Me and my team were coached on various aspects of assessing different types of buyers and how to understand their readiness for purchase, how to prepare for meetings and align our conversations.

We benefited from the sessions immensely; we were able to break through into some accounts we had not been able to for more than 2 years and also improve our overall sales closures.

Moyna Gopal, Former Vice President, Sales @ G4S
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6. As a Workshop Facilitator / Trainer

Really enjoyed The B2B Sales Masterclass conducted by Vikas. In an overdrive to achieve fast, we often miss out on doing the basics right!

The session decoded various perceived complexities of sales and Vikas really made it very interactive and simple to grasp. Looking forward to working with Vikas soon.

SS Gopal, VP & Country Head for Sales
eZone Security Solutions India Pvt Ltd
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We were very happy with the training delivered by Vikas. He was able to connect with all types of participants and has a very interactive style. The examples and exercises were also very well planned and positively engaging.

– Sr General Manager (India Business),
Leading (Global) Heavy Engineering Company

The 3-day Workshop was very unique and effective.  Vikas was very engaging and interactive with us and his teaching techniques really helped maintain the focus on the subject and topics. We are confident that this learning and tools will help us in our role.

Sales Manager,
Leading (Global) Heavy Engineering Company

It is not only for the way course was structured (good mix of theory and games) but mainly how Vikas conducted it by getting everyone’s participation.

Sales Manager,
Leading (Global) Heavy Engineering Company

Vikas has done an excellent job in explaining the concepts. They will help us align our existing skills with structured methodology.

Territory Sales Manager (APAC Region)
Large IT/ ERP Implementation Company