Here is an overview of our services focused on tangible deliverables, designed for creating results.

For Enterprises < Rs. 40 Cr (US$ 5 M)

If your Company is on a growth path, and currently clocking less than Rs. 40 Cr. (US$ 5 M) per year, we can help you in 3 different ways:

  • Coaching & Mentoring (for Founders and Sales Professionals)
  • Provide Consulting or Advisory Services
  • Bridge Cross-functional gaps to address inefficiencies in relation to Sales, Marketing & Customer Service functions

Our focus is help you in your transformation journey; get you to a new level of capability such that you are able to sustain the new levels of performance with excitement rather than stress.

Many years ago, I caught the idea of “flow” in a book written by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. In essence the author shares an amazing picturisation of anxiety and stress.

When an individual is faced with daunting tasks, steep CHALLENGES but lacks the SKILLS to overcome them, s/he experiences stress and anxiety. My approach to Coaching & Consulting is significantly influenced by this paradigm. I try and identify the gaps between the Challenges and Skills for the desired outcomes, then bring a customised, contextualised and personalised approach based on 6 essential factors.

Please navigate to the different sub-links under the “Services” link to view details on each of these services.

For Enterprises with an annual Revenue > Rs. 40 Cr (US$ 5 M)

If your Company is currently clocking more than Rs. 40 Cr. (US$ 5 M) per year, we predominantly help with the following Services:

  • Training & Workshops
    • B2B Sales Training (For frontline Sales professionals)
    • Negotiation Skills (For frontline Sales professionals)
    • Key Account Management (For KAMs)
    • Effective Sales Management (For Sales Managers and Leaders)
    • Bid Management and Proposal Writing (For Bid Managers and Proposal Writers)

  • Bridging Cross-functional Gaps
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Sales and CX (Customer Experience)
    • Sales, Marketing and CX

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