Dartle: Sports-Tech Start-up
  • Start-up: Dartle. www.dartle.app. Sports-Tech. Global customer base.
  • Incubated by NSRCEL
  • Engagement: B2B Sales Transformation Coaching
  • Redesign of Sales Engagement content and approach. Shaped the pitch to be more focused, enhance customer engagement, improved the messaging, enhanced clarity of the value proposition.
  • Impact: higher quality of conversations, conversions.
  • Currently continue to serve as Advisor and Coach for Sales Closures and Revenue enhancement.

Founder Feedback – Nihal Pradeep, CEO & Co-Founder:

Meeting Vikas at IIMB marked the beginning of a transformative partnership for our startup. Vikas, our sales strategy consultant, brought a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for startup success. His adept understanding of B2B dynamics became evident as he swiftly immersed himself in our business, providing clarity and purpose to our sales approach.

Vikas’s standout quality lies in his ability to tailor our pitch for different stakeholders within an organization, enabling us to navigate complex decision-making processes with precision. His strategic insights have been instrumental in addressing diverse audience needs, propelling our growth trajectory.

Vikas’s dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment have made him an invaluable asset. We’re grateful for his exceptional guidance and support, anticipating continued success under his mentorship. Working with Vikas has truly been a journey towards achieving significant milestones for our team.

STEP: Pioneer in building a strong ecosystem for women entrepreneur
  • STEP: Pioneer in building a strong ecosystem for women entrepreneurs
  • https://www.step.in.net/
  • Contribution: Mentoring and Coaching of multiple Start-ups

Founder Feedback – Renu Shah, Founder:

This certificate acknowledges that Mr. Vikas Dhandhania, Founder & CEO Bumblebee Consulting has supported our women entrepreneur’s mentorship program with amazing energy.

His practical guidance resonated with the cohort he coached, especially earning admiration for his coaching style. Participants praised his patient listening, ability to create thoughtful clarity and provide practical next-step guidance. Vikas’s ability to adapt across diverse personality types and industries and create meaningful conversations, is also noteworthy.

We certainly benefited significantly and have no hesitation in recommending Vikas to anyone seeking a seasoned coach and mentor.

EarnYoung: Intern Placement and Workforce Development
  • Engagement in progess. Details to be presented in due course.

Founder Feedback:

… to be shared in due course.

WedHaven: Wedding-Tech Start-up
  • Engagement in progess. Details to be presented in due course.

Founder Feedback:

… to be shared in due course.

Other Engagements

Worked closely with Founders from other Start-ups too in different capacities (Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting). A few of the names are presented here:

Also served on 91Springboard’s Panel of Coaches for B2B Sales