Does it feel like the different functions are not collaborating with each other efficiently?

Bumblebee.Consulting brings together different experts, competent in their fields, to jointly study and address core issues of your organisation and help bridge cross-functional gaps. The core benefit of such an engagement is that customers get 2 experts to look at the problem, from separate perspectives and bring forth a long-lasting solution. Both functions feel represented and thus the changes and practices have a higher degree of implementation.

Currently, our collaboratively driven engagement focuses on bridging gaps between:

Takeaways from our “Bridging the cross-functional gaps” engagement:

  • Each team has clarity of challenges faced by the other function
  • Each team is more open to seeing the others’ point of view
  • The outcome includes:
    • An approach, practices, process that is designed by the team(s) with a high sense of ownership for the best impact in the given context
    • Specific Action plans, short-term Tactical changes, longer-term Strategic outlook
    • Changes in Organisational structure, or adjustments to role
  • The change journey is “smooth” with a high collaboration

  • Benefits:
    • Efficient customer acquisition – not just from a cost point of view, but also from a perspective of finding the right/ suitable customers
    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Eventually +ve uptick on brand image, revenue & profitability

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