I have been a Solopreneur for a number of years. The one thing I really really missed was a colleague or people around me with whom I could:

  • have open, meaningful conversations
  • talk, ramble, debate, brainstorm,
  • share a document, a marketing plan, collateral(s) for feedback,
  • bounce a presentation before sending it to a client,
  • discuss how a client meeting went and plan a next step,
  • engage in building a new service offering,
  • share a frustration,
  • reinforce an idea to elevate my self-confidence,
  • … etc.

I often felt stuck and it took me a time to get through those moments and keep pace with things. I felt like I was wating away many opportunities.

If you are a Solopreneur, or a Business owner with just a handful of operational staff, and feel much the same way I felt, I’d like to help you. I have started working with a few individuals and find it very rewarding and meaningful.

If you’d like to give this a try and see how it can work for you, or just get to know me a little better, please click here to set-up a couple of FREE sessions.

The objective of these Free sessions is to engage and discuss a few topics and get a feel of each other’s way of thinking. Through these conversations I will also share ideas and feedback on things that could be helpful to you as the Solopreneur; or work through a specific topic/ issue.